Smìdholzbau is a modern construction company, which operates in the market of construction services of European quality, specialized in manufacturing of wooden structures. Successful European experience has given the opportunity to lead the company into the first ranks among contractors in Kyiv and central Ukraine. The great popularity of the company received for the construction of dwellings and household as well as administrative buildings, their basic structures with efficient energy saving and durability. ŠmìdHol′cBau firmly holds a high position in the field of wooden construction. With the accelerated pace of development in the field of construction, our company has won a number of advice from developers and General contractors. Company Smìdholzbau started its activity in 2005. During this period, we built a great number of engineering structures like residential and commercial purposes.

Smìdholzbau established on the basis of the European construction experience of specialists, as well as the presence of international partnerships in the realization of building production involving high quality exclusive materials. Geography of our activity is unlimited, we work both in the region and throughout the territory of Ukraine.


Company Smìdholzbau responsible in providing its services, carefully placed to customer needs. To create working drawings and architectural-constructional works specialist Engineer-designer constructions carried out organized a team of technically skilled craftsmen. Referring to us your needs and ideas will be implemented. ŠmìdHol′cBau-comfort and reliability.


Company «Schmid Hol′cbau "operates on the territory of Ukraine since 2005, at the beginning of our activity, it was a small company with few employees. In 2009 we started to cooperate with the Swiss firm on making wood "Bruno Ltd", which is located in Transcarpathia. Our company grew, increased the number of employees and production in 2011 were in the large shop near Kiev. This gave the opportunity to increase our manufacturing capabilities and become one of the leaders in the field of construction of wood, krìvel′nih and gìdroìzolâcìj of flat roofs. Engineering derevobudìvnictvo. We develop the optimal structure, plan and do engineering calculations, and perform the installation of roofs, gyms, swimming pools, Conference-halls, warehouses and agricultural premises. With our technology, we are able to construct a building with a span of 30 m and more.