Kleєniй Bruce is the boards (lamella) thickness of 40 mm, glued together by special mixtures. As a material, glulam is very practical. With it you can make the design not the standard geometry. Glulam is the most common material for wooden structures, as it gives the opportunity to make designs of all compounded by the section and large lengths. However, the beams can be made to the section height 80 cm and length up to 12 m we produce as a typical structure (beams, girders, columns) and expert (trusses, arches, columns, cantilever composite cross-section). The design of this material have a high durability. For this technology, we use the wood of conifers (spruce, pine, larch), or oak. Construction of the lumber perfectly emphasize the architectural significance of the building, as well as beautifully combined in the Interior. Production of lumber produced by our partners that allows you to order the material in a short time. Preliminary preparation of the material and design cutting elements affect the speed of the process of flattening and accurate collection of designs. Glulam found its use in the construction of cottages, gazebos, add-ins, restaurants, entertainment complexes, commercial objects.

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