The roof is the most important part of the structure. Installation of roofs is up to 25% of the total construction budget of the object. For the construction of roofs are divided into pitched and flat. Often there are pitched roofs with multiple rays (2, 3, 4 or more). Flat roofs are less popular, but have their advantages.

Pitched roofs a konstruktivom is considerably different from the flat. Have a different shape and configuration. For structures of this type we select only high quality wood varieties. Materials for fixing construction standards apply, mainly high quality screws, nails, etc. For fixing the roof sloping roofs there is a large selection of materials (corrugated sheet iron, ceramic tile, azbesto-cement corrugated sheets (Slate), double-glazed Windows, PVC membrane, etc.). Pitched roofs are always clearly emphasize the architectural significance of the building.

Flat roofs is an integral part of the architecture in the style of minimalism. In addition, flat roofs provide an opportunity to reduce the costs of the material. This requires additional attention when the device insulation, waterproofing, as well as in the manufacture of rotor casing designs. In our price list you can get acquainted with the prices on the manufacture of roofs. The special advantage of flat roofs is the ability to type in operation, i.e., the ability to ride, walk, gardening. Popular distinction was the construction of outdoor terraces on the upper floors.

Company «ŠmìdHol′cBau» practically assesses all of the above listed types of roofs, will give honest advice to our clients on the device. We are ready to accompany you from the idea to the finished roof. Our company will provide everything from drainage systems – all connections with third elements. We recommend the drainage system and the connection with copper, zinc or steel. Our firm specializes in complex roofs, the construction of which remains part of the Interior. Supply is already ready to roof structures provides fast installation, which enables you to protect your building from weather conditions.

Experience and compliance with Swiss technology and standards ensures high quality performance to the smallest detail. Our offer covers:

  • The latest calculation by waterproof membrane
  • Insulation of roofs and installation termošvìv
  • Vacuum drainage
  • Ekspluatovana roof (possibility to ride, walk, gardening)

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