Designing largely affects the realization of building production. We produce thumbnail and working projects. On demand of the customer we develop primitive Interior and exterior design. Experience in construction practice provides the ability to project House of individual cost,-from simple design and architecture, to the senior solutions included in the fantasy and the desire of the developer. We consider all the needs and suggestions of our clients are happy to advise You on your individual building project. In the process of designing our engineering work enable you to choose the optimal form and typology of the building (construction) for the requirements of the customer. According to the outline of a project or on the basis of other technical tasks consists of commercial proposal, which gets the customer. Our qualified specialists will carry out any work in the field of design for construction.

In our projects takes into account the latest trends in architecture of facades and modern constructive solutions which will make the construction of thrifty, and further operation comfortable. Here you can get free advice from our architects, engineers and designers.

We are confident that you will find a project that fits your expectations and requirements. Next to each project all the necessary info: description, building materials and their number, House floor plans, facades, etc.

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