Building with us is:

Tested quality

We guarantee our clients high quality of performed works. ŠmìdHol′cBau constantly cares about mastering the latest construction technologies to satisfy the needs of the people for construction and architecture. Through quality and service in the US is recommended as a reliable partner. All work carried out by the building standards (' State building standards ').


Company ŠmìdHol′cBau responsible in providing its services, carefully placed to customer needs. To create working drawings and architectural-constructional works specialist Engineer-designer constructions carried out organized a team of technically skilled craftsmen. Referring to us your needs and ideas will be implemented.

Commercial responsibility

LLC «ŠmìdHol′cBau» offers various forms of agreements on cooperation. As a partner or a customer with us can collaborate both physical and legal entities. We offer advantageous conditions of contract and forms of cooperation in the activities building production. Positive customer feedback has impacted directly on the successful development of the company "ŠmìdHol′cBau", and also often recommend us as a reliable contractor in the market of construction services.

Which House to choose?

Modern cottage construction is saturated with many ancient and modern technologies of building production, US Ukraine gained popularity:

  • wooden houses (frame, profiled timber, prefabricated panel)
  • houses with stone structures (brick, wall blocks, natural stone)
  • metalokarkasnì houses.

Choose a House should not only cost, but also for other aspects, such as environmental safety, termoefektivnìst′, durability. Company «ŠmìdHol′cBau» conducts construction, following all important aspects. We give recommendations and comfortable words clients and inform about the benefits of wood construction residential and commercial buildings.

Your choice is our guarantee.

Our advice to the client

Content ImageCompany «Schmid Hol′cbau "provides advice for anyone who builds or wants to buy their own housing. Almost every Ukrainian is troubling questions about their own housing. Depending on your financial situation, you can select several options for the acquisition of housing, buy apartment, buy ready-made House (cottage), buy nedobudovu with subsequent construction, or finally build your own House. Regardless of your choice, the costs of finance will always be visible, but the cheapest for you will be the last option. Assessing your investment, you can build your House both in the short term, and within 2-3 years. Based on the financial position of the construction can be carried out in stages, not spending all at once.

After your important decision, first you must choose the area for development. For those who want to buy land, pay attention to sellers or intermediaries. Look for a direct seller-owner. Order a State expert estimation of the real estate. Learn about engineering services (gas, water, light) in the chosen terrain. Inspect the accomplishment, find out about the possibility of installation of wells for the extraction of their own water.

Select your upcoming home or pick up the architectural decision, and along with this, contact an architect or an engineer-Designer, where you get all the necessary information, from the technological to the koštorisnogo solution. Order the draft or working draft, on which you can build a House. If the project can avoid overrun materials, see a real model of your House.
First select a starting capital for the construction of the base part (up to 28% of the total budget). More spending is building ground parts-box 40-50%, the roof is 25% of the total budget. This is the main phase of construction. After that just put into operation a few basic facilities necessary for their stay (kitchen, San. node bed room). If you can build just one part of the House with the main room, and then finish the rest. Exterior home vlaštuête in another profitable situation if it does not contradict the technological properties. Such primitive means you can make your or a family dream.

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